Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review - Tron Legacy

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So I can absolutely say that Tron Legacy is a great movie.

The critics? Useless, they didn't get it.

Lack of action? I don't know what they are talking about. The action was there, and it was good.

Bad acting? (other than Jeff) Wrong. Sam was fine, was he oscar worthy? Of course not but I had no problem with his performance.

Clu takes you out of the movie? Nope, at least he didn't have that effect on me. Could you tell he was digital? In some parts yes, in others it was more difficult to tell, but as I have said before, he is a computer program, so I can allow for some kind of artificial feel to him. Overall, I bought it.

Bad/lacking story? Wrong, if you can accept Avatar's story, you won't have a problem with this, as I felt it was better than Avatar's story. Not what you would call deep and meaningful, but it moved things along at a nice pace

Speaking of which, I felt there was virtually no filler, I never once sat there and was like "Ok we get it, move on". For me there are two things that speak well of a film. One is looking at my watch. Never once did I look at it. That's not to say that if I look at my watch it's a bad movie, it speaks more about how good a movie is if I never think to look. Second, did not take a bathroom break at all, and trust me I had to.

Those are the main complaints I heard about the movie, and like I said, they are wrong. As far as making another should this one be a hit...yea I think they could do it, but part of me feels like they they shouldn't, the story arc feels complete.

Either way, the movie was great. For those who never saw the original, it is not a requirement to enjoy this film. It will help you get the nods to the original, and some of the inside jokes, but it is in no way a prerequisite, this film stands on its own as much as it is a continuation of the first.

My only real complaint is with the 3D, it wasn't bad in any way, but it wasn't great either. At some points I almost didn't notice it, it was very subtle. Did not in any way take away from the movie, I guess I feel it could have been a bit better. But in IMAX? Amazing,
So that's the deal gang, critics be damned, Tron Legacy is fantastic.

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